5 Herbs We Absolutely Have To Have!

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  1. Allison Taylor says:

    Hello gentlemen I am taking my wholistic therapy course visa wildrose college in Calgary Alberta Canada. I am loving your pod cast and am trying to wrap my head around all the herbs and oils and what they do an dhow they can help people. I would like a suggestion for weight loss. What is your go to herb or formula to lose alot of weight? Like 100 pounds, something that is going to fill me up and keep the metabolism revved. Any ideas? Thanks

    • Jing Herbs says:

      Hi Allison, thanks for the note!
      There are no cure-all herbs, formulas, or pills for major weight loss. Healthy diet and exercise that are kept up long-term are the best and only way to lose weight and keep it off. Herbs like Gynostemma and a combination of our formulas of Great Adaptor and Restore The Jing can make great allies during a weight-loss journey, and can help support many of the things a person will do as they make those life changes.

      Feel free to take our free online analysis and see what comes up for you specifically, and look into diet and exercise options that would be doable for you. Those are the best way to get the results you want to see. The analysis is at http://www.JingHerbsAnalysis.com

      Be Well 🙂

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